Whats it All About?

The Adventures of Harry Fruitgarden: Book #1 What’s it All About?

by Lawrence Vijay Girard          Click Here to read Chapter I

ISBN 0-9646457-4-2 – Paperback – 161 pages – Original Edition 2002 – $ 12.95

Ebook available.

Harry Fruitgarden is funny, adventurous and full of questions. He wants to know the “why” of everything. Like a scientist, he is studying how life works. As he moves through school, scouts, an amusement park and the wilderness, Harry Fruitgarden searches for ideas that will help him to be happy and more successful in life.

Even though Harry is a young philosopher, his youthful joy and wisdom is never boring. His search for truth in life will inspire you to find truth in your own life.