Way of the Positive Flow

Way of the Positive Flow

by Lawrence Vijay Girard (Nayaswami Vijay)          Click Here to read the first chapter.

ISBN 0-9646457-8-5 EAN 9780964645783 – Paperback – 154 pages – Revised Edition 2010 – $14.95

Ebook available.

This is a fresh, easy to read approach to exploring the spiritual nature of life. Most importantly, it is a clear and practical guide for making choices about how to live in a way that will lead to lasting happiness.

Reaching beyond the boundaries of sectarianism Lawrence Vijay Girard presents a wonderful vision of each person’s potential to experience the wisdom, love and joy that is at the core of the way life is made.

One of the unique features of this book is that it contains a formula for finding the solutions in life that will bring about positive results in any situation.

The basis of Way of the Positive Flow is found in the personal experience of each person that applies its principles and precepts. This is not a presentation of beliefs to be blindly followed, but a road map for finding the hidden treasure of spiritual truth that each person has within their own self.