Someone Should Have Told Me!

The Adventures of Harry Fruitgarden: Book #3 Someone Should Have Told Me!

by Lawrence Vijay Girard          Click Here to read Chapter I

ISBN 9780984896202 – Paperback – 273 pages – Original Edition 2012 – $ 12.95

Ebook available.

Harry Fruitgarden’s adventure of self-discovery takes him to the heart of the way life is made: To the source of happiness. Along the way he explores how to achieve his highest potential through basketball, skateboarding and surfing. While he negotiates challenges with parents, teachers and other students he brings a whole new dimension to the meaning of creative communication.

With friends new and old Harry Fruitgarden embraces life with a sensitivity and wisdom that is far beyond his years. His artistic use of language and commitment to finding the fun in all of life will keep you laughing and wondering what will happen next!