Positive Flow Parenting

Positive Flow Parenting

by Lawrence Vijay Girard          Click Here to read chapter 1

ISBN 0-9646457-3-4 – Paperback – 289 pages – Original Edition 2002 – $18.50

Ebook available.

Parenting at its heart is about nurturing children with all that is good in life while helping them to develop the tools of body, mind and spirit that will enable them to live their lives with confidence, enthusiasm, joy and love. Positive Flow Parenting breaks through the boundaries of sectarianism and presents a spiritually based approach to parenting that takes into account the unique qualities of each individual parent and child.

Through an in-depth exploration of the underlying energies that animate our children, ourselves and the world around us, we can discover the secret to living in harmony with our children while we guide them to their highest potential.

Positive Flow Parenting is both practical and inspirational because it is rooted in each person’s actual experience of their inner connection to life itself.