Positive Flow Childbirth

Positive Flow Childbirth

by Lawrence Vijay Girard          Click Here to read the Preface.

ISBN: 9780984896219 – Paperback – 154 pages – 2012 – $ 14.95

Ebook available.

Doorway to a : New Lifetime will give you a framework from which you can consciously create a childbirth experience that expresses your highest spiritual aspirations. It will guide you in understanding the underlying spiritual energies surrounding childbirth – from before conception through delivery.

Discover how to harmonize yourself with the natural forces of life that allow birth itself to happen. Explore the what’s and whys of subjects like: The Mystery of life * The Spiritual Nature of Sexuality * Transmuting Sexual Energy * Spiritualizing Physical Union * Conscious Conception * Natural or UnNatural Childbirth? * Western Medicine: Sin or Savior? * Energy Control for Childbirth.