Flowing in the Workplace

Flowing in the Workplace – A guide to Personal and Professional Success

by Lawrence Vijay Girard          Click Here to read the first chapter.

ISBN 0964645750 – Paperback – 140 pages – Original Edition 2004 – $14.95

E-Book available.

Each day we are challenged to find meaning and fulfillment in our lives. The workplace demands strength and toughness, while in our personal lives we seek simply to be happy, with a positive sense of purpose, and a joyful loving relationship with our friends and family. Is there a way to achieve outward success and inward fulfillment?

Lawrence Vijay Girard has bridged the gap between an inspirational and practical approach to business. Based on a fresh expression of time honored precepts about how life works from the “inside out”, Flowing in the Workplace presents a formula for success that takes into account each person’s unique situation and can be applied to virtually any life or business challenge.

This presentation of life transforming ideas is easy and entertaining to read, yet deep with insights about how each of us can experience true lasting fulfillment.

Those who struggle daily in the workplace often feel desperate to find a sense of personal well-being, but they aren’t sure where to go or what to do. Forward thinking companies are recognizing more and more , the importance of the mental, physical and spiritual health of their workers. This spiritually based, yet completely non-sectarian approach to business provides the tools and basic road map for achieving personal and professional success.